How can I start blogging as a beginner? | Update blogger tips in 2022

 How can I start blogging as a beginner? | Update blogger tips in 2022

Are you wanted to online earn money how to start your blog?

Hey friends, How can I start blogging as a beginner my name is Rana. In 2012 when I was learning how to create a digital marketing course, I spent a lot of huge time than one day google How can I start blogging as a beginner  searching how will do make money easy tips for helpful information online blog.

I was only able to find about blogger tips ideas. So, you save your valuable time, I have created this free full blogging tutorial to teach beginners how to easily make a blog tip firstly. 

Blogger tips
How can I start blogging as a beginner? | Update blogger tips in 2022

How can I start blogging as a beginner  I have been blogging for more than 12 years and I love to provide blogging or other helpful tips every time. Blogging helped me to find my online help easy earn money first job work and continues to be my happy life.

How to Start a Blog Easy 12 Blogger Tips:

1. At first create a Gmail account.

2. Next create a google blogger or WordPress account.

3. Choose a perfect niche for your Blogger site.

4. Focus keyword research 

5. Select a blogging platform

6. Buy a web hostname any website 

7. Your site-related perfect domain name buy in any source

8.  You are starting a blog writing WordPress or google blogger template.

9. Select a google Adsense related SEO friendly theme 

10.  Full customize and design on your blog theme

11. Publish your content 

12. Manage and optimize your post content for full SEO friendly.

I think 
How can I start blogging as a beginner  content writing is very easy. Secondly, it is free of cost. You do not require any paid domain. I know I am not professional and did lots of mistakes in my sample, which you can avoid.

The best way to start a blog is first to have intent. You must ask yourself 'why do I want to go Blogging'. It's very important. Next is what to blog about, also known as Niche. I am also a new blogger and still learning.

You must also use the Blogging platform for your Blogging career, though there are many Blogging platforms such as Drupal, Magneto, Blog-spot, and WordPress, I would always recommend WordPress because it's free, easily managed, and money-friendly.

So far I have analyzed that the content of your blogger is most important along with your blogger title.First, you got to define what you are gonna do with the trick and on which topic you will write. Next, get clarity about whom you want to attract to the topic.

This we call targeting one specific group of people/audiences. Managing a WordPress website is super easy and no special technical skills are needed for that.

Start doing detailed research about your topics. Try to get traffic for your article posts through search engine optimization and email marketing methods. See what other top bloggers are talking about. Develop passion and desire to write and help others through your blog.

1. I want to start Bangla blogging. Can you give a full direction?

If How can I start blogging as a beginner  you write a blog in Bengali actually you should select two options to google Blogspot or WordPress.

Free site: For example, WordPress free site is monetized, which means it can be a problem to get income from advertising. Free theme cannot be used. That is, if the site is free, your blog URL will have an extension of the blogging platform. Not only that. Free sites have a number of limitations.

Paid site: As a result, the site seems to have its own site. Moreover, if you are blogging on a paid site, you can easily get permission to show ads from Google Adsense. That is, the word WordPress has disappeared from the URL.

2. How do I start a career in blogging?

Firstly you should full attention to this platform. Blogger is one of the most popular platforms for beginners. You can also earn money from Blogger through AdSense. 

You can easily start blogging by creating a site from a free Blogspot. It is very easy to use and fully customize but if you start new actually I will do recommend free blog create.

3. What is the best niche for blogger sites?

  1. Food reviews
  2. Health tips
  3. Breaking news
  4. Sport news
  5. Education and learning tips
  6. Cooking
  7. Online make money
  8. Celebrity gossip news
  9. Travel

The best way to start a blog is actually through getting blogger tips done:

  1. Design and customize your website carefully.
  2. Install themes and plugins of your choice.
  3. WordPress plugins allow you to integrate extra features.
  4. You aren’t gonna create a site by reading some novels and theories.
  5. Register a domain name and get one web hosting.

Writing content by understanding the audience's challenges and pain points in mind. Basically, your job is to provide detailed explanations and practical tips to help the readers overcome their challenges.

How can I do a Gmail account create?

  1. At first google search for how to create a Gmail account.
  2. Provide your own full information first name and last name
  3. create the best user name
  4. Give to your legal phone number
  5. Verified your mail account
  6. Upload your best profile picture
  7. At last logging your account

Hello, their Gmail account creates easy tips. That means we need to spend a lot of time and provide a lot of phone numbers to create accounts. There are some other options we can make that.

As far as I know, it is really difficult to create unlimited Gmail accounts without so many phone numbers. This tool can also auto solve captcha when we creating accounts and allow you to use proxy to register.

It can auto-create phone and email verified accounts for different sites. As we know, when we creating a Gmail account, we must receive SMS to verify the account.

It is a comprehensive bulk account creating a tool that can create literally thousands of Gmail accounts within just a few minutes.

Every detail can be clearly seen in one table. You don’t need to input any phone numbers into it. This tool can create bulk accounts for you without verifying by yourself.

Besides, according to google’s policy, we can only verify no more than 7 accounts with the same phone number. It has the best task manager, which allows you to know every detail of creating. 

❤❤ How do I open a free blog?

There are limitations to everything from blog writing through Blogger to site design, theme customization. This is exactly why 99% of the interested bloggers work in Blogger for 2-4 days, publishing 2-4 articles and then discarding them and concentrating on blog design in WordPress.

There is no doubt that you can use this service for free as long as you like. The problem is - you can't use this service financially. Because you can't use any online ads like Adsense on the blog. Now let's talk about

❤❤.Do keywords research for every post?

  1. Pick only relevant keywords.
  2. Install the Yoast plugin and properly implement the on-page SEO tactics on your post.
  3. Add long-tail keywords in your blog post to improve relevancy.
  4. Op-time the content for a good readability score.

Here are some easy tips to earn money from a blog site:-

1. Google Adsense

I hope that it is a very simple easy trick from absence. You can like to monetize your blogger site with google Adsense so that when people visit your site and consume the content that you create there.

They may click on these ads displayed by Google on your site, and every moment they click, you can earn huge money that you can not unbelievable.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very easy and highly rewarding way to online make money. A quality page can earn more money than ad monetization with affiliate marketing.

Now, everyday person who purchases that product from your referral link will be rewarded with some percent commission

You just need to sign up for an affiliate account on Amazon or click bank, Then after successful registration, you can pick any product of your choice, you will then get a unique link and you just need to post something about your product and need to attach the link in yours article.

3. Information marketing

You can select to create an information a product which could be in the form of a tutorial course, Online video course, Sport item and they make it available for sale on your website.

Sadly, most of the systems and solutions you may be familiar with require a significant upfront investment. In this article, we'll detail exactly what makes the entire system so perfectly suited to running a site that generates revenue without a single investment.

I hope that this helps my all viewers. Running a popular blog that actually produces a profit is the dream of many young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs. There are, however, a few methods to start a free blog from which you can profit.

4. Membership sites

This is tips very helpful for new bloggers and new online persons. You can also turn your blog into a membership site on a particular niche and if the content you share is really valuable, people will be willing to stay and keep subscribing month by year.

You need the best niche information quality site. Then You can do 100% earn money on these membership sites.The key to all of this is setting up and maintaining an active blog on Google's Blogger platform.

❤❤How will do Start Affiliate Marketing?

Only through affiliate marketing will it be possible to earn income. You can read the article attached at the link below to know the details about this. If you want to use a good quality theme, you have to buy a premiere theme.

Google's Blogger or Blogspot service is good, but you can't apply your creativity using the Blogger service. One the thing everyone knows, there is nothing good in the world for free.

If you feel the need to open a free blog site just to learn, then may be the best.You can use a few free themes. 

 How will do Easy income from a blog site?

1. What is the best blogger site name?
  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix
  4. Tumbler

2. What is the best micro niche topic?

  1. Pets: dog, cats, birds
  2. Health care: Only Male, Only female, Skin Care, Hair Care, Weight loss.
  3. Amazon product: cooking product reviews.
  4. App reviews: gaming, others app reviews
  5. Online income: Facebook, Youtube, Google AdSense, App, Others topic income site.

3. How can I do the best Keyword Research?

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Google trends
  3. Moz
  4. Asref

I will do recommend free tools, keyword planners. Put a preference on terms that receive more than 1k-10k searches per month to increase the traffic that will come to your website.

By visiting Google's keyword research tool, you can identify search terms that are used frequently. As a result your site quickly ranks on the google top list.

You should select per post google trends research keyword. When people search for that term, there's a chance they'll land on your page. You can collect some keywords from google searches then this keyword you can upload to your blog site.

4. How to start a blog? I want to earn some income from the blogger site. Where do I start and what do about it?

If you already have experience with it, you can get started with Blogspot. It is very simple to earn money from a blogging site, but firstly, you have to practice article writing advanced skills, and new information blog posts on your site.

Everyday article writing habits will enhance your experience as well as can be an awesome source of income for you.

5. What is a blog? How do I start a blog?

In a blog, you can write on different topics or any one topic. If you create paid, must be select the best domain name and host-name, If it is not, then you can open free platforms. 

Now, in the world most people huge income from Blog-spot. In this case, you will be ruining the blog using their subdomain as you do not have any custom domain. So, you can easily earn money from blogs in many ways.

6. I want to be a blogger. What to do?
  1. Select the best niche topic then start writing the post.
  2. Choose blogging platform
  3. Buy the best domain name
  4. Upload SEO friendly theme
  5. At last, customize the full website

7. WordPress or Blogger. Which would be better?

The best blogging platform in my experience is WordPress. So, I will do recommend, buy a domain name and start a blog.

  1. How to increase communication with visitors or readers.
  2. How to reach your blog visitors or readers.
  3. How to do blog marketing.
  4. How to fix a blog domain name.
  5. How to set the design of the blog. Write a blog in any language, Bengali or English.

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