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What is the Best Culture & Ethiopian Restaurant?

Best Tourist Place in Ethiopia tells the story that the Best Tourist Place in Ethiopia Biblical King Solomon and the Biblical Queen of Sheba had an affair and their son grew up to become the first emperor of Ethiopia, Best Tourist Place in Ethiopia went to Jerusalem and brought back the Ark of the Covenant, which they believe resides in a hidden place in northern Ethiopia to this day.

Best Tourist Place in Ethiopia have their own calendar (particularly important for religious ceremonies but they also use it for other events, along with the "international" calendar. The months are all different. In that calendar it is the year 20201.

Ethiopian restaurant
Ethiopian restaurant

Best Tourist Place in Ethiopia Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Their religion is very different from Protestantism, which is the dominant form of Christianity in the rest of Africa. Each church has a copy of it, I think, called the tabor, which is what is consecrated, not the church itself.

Best Tourist Place in Ethiopia the flavors and aromas, as well as the heat (spicy) may be more than some Westerners enjoy, but I can’t imagine anyone getting bored with the extensive variety of foods and flavors available in Ethiopia. The fertile highland plateau is torn apart by a massive, spreading gash on the earth, the Great Rift Valley, stretching from the Red Sea to the southern end of the continent.

Sense of pride: They proudly claim to be the only African country that was not colonized (technically they were colonized for five years by the Italians, and Liberia also untruthfully claims to not have been colonized, but they weren't colonized as part of that Scramble For Africa. The downside of this is they're also often reluctant to learn English.You'll sometimes hear Ethiopians talking disparagingly about "those Africans" as if they're not Africa.They often share memes like "Dad, what does it feel like to lose a war? / I don't know son, I'm Ethiopian!"

Multicultural: It depends what you count as a language or a dialect, but many of these languages are not related to each other. They even look very different.This isn't really that unique in sub-Saharan Africa, but they have well over 100 languages.

Looks: Some Ethiopians have quite dark skin and people in the far south can be tall and very black, and of course the Somali population in the Somali regions look like other Somalis. But many of the northern people and the Amhara people - the traditional rulers, the ones whose language is the official language, are quite light skinned

Poverty: The cities are growing fast. Of course there's still a lot of problems in the rural areas like child marriage, gender based violence, traditional healers, poverty. It's still a very rural country. The city is developing fast if you believe the government GDP figures it's one of the fastest growing countries in the world, but from a very low rate of course.

What do You Like about Addis Ababa in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is an amazing nation on many levels and in many ways which I adore and hold very close to my heart. Given the opportunity I would move there in a heartbeat. First and foremost I like the people of Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa

Ethiopia is also the original home of coffee, which is the source of lovely traditional ceremonies involving fresh roasted, ground and brewed coffee and incense. I also love the spectacular natural beauty of Ethiopia which is raw, ever-changing and full of wonders on a grandiose scale.

There are numerous ecosystems, geological and geographical features throughout the land.The Ethiopian Rift Valley is home to dozens of unique lakes rich with wildlife and natural splendor, as well as hundreds of volcanoes of all types ranging in size from as small as a house to colossal mountains and calderas.

It even has one of earth’s rare lava lakes which has been in constant eruption since discovered. Hot and mineral springs are also abundant. There are a multitude of fascinating historical and archaeological sites particularly in the northern part of the country.

The Medieval castles of Gondar, the complex of stunning rock hewn churches of Lalibela, and the staggering carved monoliths of Aksum are some of the most famous. Ethiopia has her own delightfully unique, ornate ancient writing system in widespread official use throughout the country, the only nation in contemporary Africa to boast such a claim.

Beautiful and proud, extremely hospitable, polite and kind. There is great cultural and ethnic diversity in Ethiopia with more than 80 languages spoken. The Ethiopian Empire which came to an end some 40 years ago has a remarkable and rich history stretching back to ancient and prehistoric times.

Ethiopia also has a fabulously delicious and healthy cuisine sporting a broad variety of dishes flavored with robust, complex blends of spices some of which have more than twenty ingredients!

Food: Ethiopian food is very different from, say, Kenyan food. Partly because the Orthodox Christians fast all the time (every Wednesday and Friday, plus quite a lot of months) "fasting" basically involves eating vegan there is good vegetarian food, but when they're allowed to and can afford it they love their meat. Several of their delicacies are raw meat, and they'll leave the best cuts of meat to be eaten raw.

Ethiopia food

Thanks to its location near the equator the night-day cycle varies little in comparison to the higher latitudes that suffer extreme changes weather and hours of daylight throughout the year. Ethiopia’s climate, particularly in the highlands is ideal and very comfortable year-round a huge plus for me.

Why is Addis Ababa famous?

1. The climate is the nicest I think in the world

2. There is a fresh leaf called “Khat" that you can chew and relax, but not so hard and addictive as other drugs. If you want to stop taking it, what it takes you is some yawning for two or three days after a long time repetitions.

3. The people are easy to befriend and also easy to fight against.

4. I have some friends, a professional pharmacist, a mathematician and a civil engineer who partially depend on me because they don't want to work, I don't know and didn't ask them till when. You are not expected to work hard to live an ordinary life. I don't care as far as I get money. Social life is more than anything here. You can depend on your parents or friends for any length of time.

5. You can be a Christian and may have intimate Islam friends who invite you to their homes on Ramadan and vise versa.

6. There are road full of beautiful women and girls, though you need to push hard to get one.

7. You have plenty of time to relax, still if you don't wanna lead a cool life.

China Like much of sub-Saharan Africa: They're also setting up large sweatshops. So there's this love-hate relationship towards the Chinese, when they're wary of being colonized. China is pouring heaps of development assistance and aid money into the country.

Most Ethiopians have never seen the ocean, because they're landlocked. Many of them love to chew "chat" as they call it, this is particularly a problem for Muslims in the far east of the country (where most of it is grown, near Somali land. I’ve tried to keep this as succinct as possible which is extremely challenging because there is so much to like about Ethiopia; but I hope my perspective provides what your looking for. They use a dead language for their liturgy, called Geezer. They were under the control of the Egyptian Coptic church until the 1920 I think, but it's different, they have a different Bible, but also another book called the Kebra Nagast which the lay person probably thinks is part of the Bible.

Sport news: There's all sorts of legacies from this of course and even though for most people the situation isn't too bad, many people just want to leave, which is why there are so many of them among the refugees (probably many more than the statistics would show, with many northerners pretending to be Eritrean)

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Politics: The history is sad, with so many famines, and the overthrow of hail Selassie, only for the new government to turn into the deg, a murderous gang of uneducated Marxist wannabes, who were then overthrown by the current government, who won 100% of the seats in the last few elections. Mixed in with all that was the war with Eritrea.

What are the some Problems Visit in Ethiopia?

Poverty is the major problem in Ethiopia. Why poverty? The people at the base level is work dirty and you can not clean it all. Even if the management from the top improves, the lower base always remains garbage. Many factors: (80% of the population is farmer)

  1. shortage of technological advancements on the farming techniques.
  2. dependence on rain (lack of alternative sources of water)
  3. overused land
❤Failing quality of education.

❤Poor infrastructure and services: undeniable changes in the coverage of roads, schools, health care centers, telecommunication, clean water, power etc. But, given the huge physical and population size of Ethiopia, there remains a huge gap between supply and needs. Moreover, quality and fairness in distribution are big problems.

❤Increasing foreign debt.

❤Unfair distribution of resources (economic, political) - one of the causes the current change and has potential grave consequences. Millions have been lifted out of poverty (the state and UN claim) but the poor are getting poorer.

❤Environmental change.

❤Lack of strong, impartial institutions.

❤Unemployment - Rapid population growth and an economy that is simply unable to create jobs for millions of youth who are joining the labor market each year.

❤Poor agricultural productivity - coupled with recurrent drought, it affects food security of the nation.

❤Ethnic and polarizing politics - not only is this creating divisions, it is also diverting attention from the real problems we are facing.

❤Luck of good governance and corruption.

❤Geopolitics- surrounded by frail states, influenced by countries that have interest in the horn and middle-east.

Ethiopia dangerous animals

Regionalism: While the majority of the civil demonstration in the country for the last few months, were great; and with genuine interests for betterment of Ethiopia, some part of it, clearly, has some regionalism tone. It is another evil virus inflecting the country.

Bureaucracy: Management is another (may be the second biggest) top problem the country is facing. It is a thing paralyzing the country for a longer time. And, no visionary leader seems to break it.

There have been attempts at various times by different people. The management, which is very deeply embedded into the whole cultural architecture of the society, pretty much works on nepotism and favoritism than solid principles.

Poor quality of education: It is another major obstacle we faced in the last couple of decades where government mostly focused on number of graduates than the quality of these graduates. It is all garbage in garbage out.

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